I’m Pete Mills, lead pastor for the Crossroads Community Church.  As a pastor, I have the wonderful privilege of helping people discover the love of God and become all they can be through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Although we meet in a building to worship and learn about God together, the church is really a living community of people with Jesus Christ at the center of their relationships.  My main role is one of service, to help the local church be what God desires it to be by empowering our church attendees to be a caring community.  I believe that the church at its best is a community where people experience the love of God, serve one another, and actively show God’s love to the world around us.  The local church is not a place of perfect people, but a gathering of growing people seeking and following Jesus Christ. 

I know life has a range of experiences, from being wonderful to being very challenging. As a child I knew what it was like to have deep family struggles growing up.  As an adult I know the joys and challenges of partnering with my wife in doing our best to raise our kids!  The bottom line is that, long before I became a pastor, some Christian people showed me the love of God, and that literally changed my life.   Since then, not all my problems have been solved.  It’s just that now I have God to give me the strength to face life’s struggles. 

Honestly, I think life is a wonderful gift from God.  In addition to doing things with my family I like playing guitar, running, riding bikes, playing games with friends, reading, savoring a good cup of coffee, and hiking in our area parks.

I hope that what I’ve shared here gives you a good idea that all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds find Crossroads Community Church a welcoming place.  Whether you are looking to grow with others on your spiritual journey, or just happen to be in town for the weekend, I invite you to come to a Sunday morning worship service. 

Crossroads…a church where people and Jesus Christ connect.



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